tiger | jjk

tiger | jjk

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"every night at 11:11 pm, these teenagers gather around the bell tower to make a wish. and every night at 11:11 pm, the bell tower stops ticking for a whole minute, making time lag. you know the saying: be careful what you wish for?"


"well, i don't know what these kids wish for, but each night, one goes missing."

so I'm confused why yoongi isn't a turtle and why hobi is a turtle hobi is a literal unicorn but i can def understand how tae is a flamingo
okay so what hv i gotten myself into 
                              i cant stop reading
needseok needseok Jul 22
the description got me so turnt for this book omg im gonna love it
pastelsuga pastelsuga Nov 03
forgive my sins but i snorted when i saw jimin as a whale and yoongi as a fish
softinseong softinseong Oct 18
Considering Namjoon's is a dolphin it must be a pretty f*cked up story containing a bunch of rape and violence.