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Idiosyncrasy {Harry Potter}

Idiosyncrasy {Harry Potter}

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Kitty Bell By kmbell92 Completed

There were some things in life that even magic couldn't heal and for Zakari Ollivander, being deaf was not something that he wanted to be "healed" of anyways. Never considering himself disabled, Zakari considered himself just to be slightly different growing up. He still enjoyed partaking in activities that other children his age were involved in, even if he had to find his own way to do them. It was a challenge sometimes, but Zakari was always up for a challenge. As the grandson of a famous wandmaker, Zakari's biggest challenge yet would come to the young boy when he receives his acceptance letter to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Without knowing him, people were quick to pass their judgement, believing the boy would struggle and calling it a waste of time trying to teach magic to a boy who couldn't hear and hardly spoke. However, Zakari sets himself out to prove that just because he was hard of hearing, didn't mean he didn't have anything to say. It was everyone else around him that needed to learn how to listen.

I have adhd bipolar disorder and ptsd and people call me mentally ill on daily basis so when I hear others make fun of people with disabilities I get mad
ssamkayy ssamkayy Mar 17
I'm taking American sign language and this is absolutely awesome because I already know all these signs and iTS SO COOL THAT THERES A STORY LIKE THIS !!!!!!
-butterbeer -butterbeer Feb 13
Already captured my heart and I haven't even read more then a paragraph. Bless you @kmbell92 you always know how to make me smile
I intend on learning how to do sign language so I can talk to my cousins. My dad and they're parents are the only ones they ever talk to.
This is so beautiful, you're an amazing person and author 💛💛💛💛