Chosen & Risen | ✔️

Chosen & Risen | ✔️

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Lauren By lalalanddreamss Completed

{HIGHEST RANK: #1 in Adventure}
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Clara Evans wants to start fresh. 

Exhausted from the taunts of her classmates and living with her careless foster parents, Clara wants to leave her old life behind her. 

When a new student transfers to Ford High School, Clara's eyes are opened to a world she never knew existed. 

Everything in her old world shatters, creating a new one to replace it. A civil war is at large and Clara is the key to saving them all. 

Clara has gotten her wish, but in this new life she must learn to survive and defeat the raging darkness. 

She has been chosen- and her fate will be fulfilled.

*grammatical errors 

There are two books in this bundle:

CHOSEN- Completed

RISEN- Completed

renegadewriter83 renegadewriter83 2 days ago
Awww how sweet.  You didn't have to write me into a character❤😂😂 *jk guys
Not my type of thing, but I'll give a read, because you tried to write that's what it takes, never stop
I think you would love my reading list go check it out😂❤️
juliaellenn juliaellenn Jul 27
Anyone else confused to why 75% of the characters are blonde?
BC1066AD BC1066AD Aug 20
I laughed wayyyy too hard reading this... I mean, I shouldn't have really laughed at all 😂
KittensPaw KittensPaw Jul 19
I get a notification every time this book updates. Thank you for the thirty six notifications all at once😂