I Don't Like Badboys...Seriously (#Wattys2016)

I Don't Like Badboys...Seriously (#Wattys2016)

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DARIA By elegantlyunrefined Completed

It started with a banana peel, led to an unintentional sleepover - multiple unintentional sleepovers - and became so much more.

Who would've thought slipping on a banana peel could be that fun? ♠

When four badboys are sprinkled into Cathy's boring life, a whole lot changes - it probably isn't for the better.


COMPLETE: 6th March 2016

Punks? Does this mean we get to listen to Fall Out Boy? I'm more for the touch me, you can keep the sixteen candles
vvnico vvnico Oct 03
i know wagged is like slay, swing or swish. but i dont understand when she said 'others wagged'. can someone explain?
My first thought was the typical squares from a greaser movie... Then I thought of vintage bad boys and kind of... Idk
Very good work, I'm still trying to figure out how to start a story😂😂😂😂
My science teacher was named Ms. Hunnicutt. Anybody else? Prolly not, but it's cool.
is this like follow the leader, one does something and the rest follow the lead