Human Error

Human Error

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Sherlock was never one to think about women, only his about job. What happens when a young journalist named Cassie Hansen moves into Baker Street and starts to prove to be a welcome thought into Sherlock's head? She's not like anyone he's ever met, so where will all of it lead?

Story will follow the Sherlock series, just after a Study in Pink.

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I literally hide in my room for any social gathering including my birthday
asgardx asgardx Aug 10, 2017
Oh yes, 27yr olds and one 60 yr old playing 7mins in heaven.. Sounds funnnnnnnnnnnnnnn lolol
Molly has too much anxiety around Sherlock at this point in the series to suggest seven minutes in heaven, but oooookay
Ateliana Ateliana Nov 23, 2017
literally me and my best friend every time our teacher has our class work in groups
DragonWatt DragonWatt Mar 29, 2017
Oh my god playing spin the bottle with Hudders would definitely be something
RobinRenaeRose RobinRenaeRose Sep 01, 2017
That moment when you bond with a complete stranger over you dislike for  group games... :)