Too Complicated✔️ (Sequel)

Too Complicated✔️ (Sequel)

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Kearaboo By KearaBoo Completed

"I remember his face, his eyes that begged for forgiveness, his body as it shook with anger and emotion. I remember how my world fell apart right before him and how he watched me completely disintegrate because of what he did. 

What he committed. The way he betrayed me. The heart he took from me and shattered. The trust I gave him that he threw away. He ruined it all, he ruined me. 

And now I'm forever broken, nothing can ever bring me back. Nothing."

WARNING: sexual content, explicit content, language and violence.

  • betrayal
  • broken
  • depression
  • hurt
  • lonely
  • lost
  • love
  • sadness
  • sexy
  • wattys2017
LittleMsDifferent LittleMsDifferent Jul 03, 2016
Can't wait!!!!! Loved the first one so my expectations are high! Make sure to get Gavin and Bella back together thought!!!!!!!
rejennerous_12 rejennerous_12 Jul 15, 2016
I think, I'm going to love this just like the first book. ;)
rejennerous_12 rejennerous_12 Jul 15, 2016
I really love the plot of this story. Its really amazing! ;)
-wonderland3 -wonderland3 Jul 01, 2016
This looks so good!  So excited to read the second book of Complicated :).  I don't really get Gavin because if he said it was never about the bet than why did he check in with them and tell them everything?
bumblebee0205 bumblebee0205 Jul 18, 2016
You're a beautiful writer honey. Love ur story. Plzzz update soon. Dying for an update here!!
under_construction22 under_construction22 Jul 01, 2016
Sounds to good I'm really intrigued and excited for this book