Denying His Claim

Denying His Claim

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"I don't want a mate."

"Neither do I."


Alpha Liam Brooks never thought he would meet his mate. But when he did, he never would've guessed that she would be in another mans arms.

Peyton Ryder gave up on finding her mate. At the age of 22, where most females already had their 3rd child, Peyton is dating a man that is not her mate.

When these two meet, there is no heart break. That is until their lovers come into the mix. 

Denying their mating pull only increases the jealousy, anger and bitterness. 

Will these two ever settle down with one another? Or will they just deny their mating pull?

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The cocoa butter stick sloths and makes sure you don't basically blister up
sxkina52 sxkina52 Aug 17
Holy baby Jesus!!!! Some one bring me the holy water!!!!!✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️🍶🍶🍶💧💧💧
This sounds like such an interesting take on the whole mate thing. I love it! Very creative!
Yeah and it's toally ok for him to fvck other girls but if she fvcks Noah then BAM, she's a hoe. Feeling the logic bro
I already know this from other werewolf books but just putting it all together makes it seem so unappealing or riddikulus
__Luvette __Luvette Aug 29, 2016
Good chapter. I love Peyton's sass, and I hope she keeps it throughout the story.