The Truth to Uncover (BillDip)

The Truth to Uncover (BillDip)

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The Silver Wolf By SilverWolfATW Updated Sep 22

A/N: This book is a sequel to A Code to Decipher. If you found this book first, please go read the other one before reading this one. Thank you!


What do you look for if you don't know what you're trying to find? How will you ever get there?

With nothing but a slip of paper to go off of, Dipper Pines is no closer to finding the dream demon he lost almost a year ago. 

Due to a spell the demon had cast upon him before he died, Dipper can't use any spells from the Journals until he is eighteen years old. With his eighteenth birthday on the horizon, Dipper is anxiously awaiting the day when he can use magic and find the one he has been looking for. Still though...

Something feels off.

If Bill Cipher really did come back to life, then...

Why hadn't he come back to Dipper? Was something wrong? Was the demon in danger?

Or had he never really loved Dipper to begin with? Had he only been using him? And who turned him human in the first place? 

There were too many questions with too few answers. As time goes on, Dipper grows uncertain...

Was he looking for the demon?

Or was he searching for the truth?

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there is a mistake in your cipher I have the 'n' doubled somewhere...idk
GreenZircon GreenZircon Jul 30
MATH IS BEAUTIFUL, Mabel, I thought.... You understood that... *Fake cry*
AllonsWolf AllonsWolf Oct 04
                              (I want a Bill for my birthday....)
iiWoofWoof iiWoofWoof Aug 29
Can someone explain to me what a cipher is? I really want to learn about them and solve them but I don't understand anything about them! Help?? Please? I'm
Am I the only that thinks the "EDGI" cipher thing is funny? (Edgy)
Mable I love u so much but could u plz give bill to me first then I'll give him to dipper