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Hollowed(Bleach fanfic)*Complete*

Hollowed(Bleach fanfic)*Complete*

80.4K Reads 3K Votes 22 Part Story
Kill Me By leahlozer Completed

Hollowed is a story about how Ichigo became a hollow the day his mom died and his family believed him dead. He is everything but. He has been wandering in search of power since that day six years ago when Grand Fisher killed his mother. He became Hollow Ichigo's first meal. Now let me tell you the story that is completely different from the original storyline. Will the real Ichigo ever come back, or will his hollow dominate the body forever? And what horrible things has Ichigo done since that time? And what happens when Aizen asks for Ichigo's assistance in his plot to overthrow Soul Society? And why am I asking you these questions when you could be reading this book? Will this summary ever end?

Mondency Mondency Jun 11, 2016
I'm always wondering,  hallow are dead spirit , and arrencar took the form of what the use to look like. So should not ichigo be a kid instead, no Mather how many years have gone by, cause spirit do not age, well think about yachiru still a kid
bob19h bob19h Aug 13, 2015
no its "I have no name" that is the line that works best and is straight from the show
Iron_ManFist14 Iron_ManFist14 Jul 29, 2015
ichigo is my favorite character in anime and this is my first time reading it in wattpad, so looking forward to read it
bloodwatch bloodwatch Jun 11, 2015
I'm doing a fanficition that focus uses more on the evil side of things, good to know we don't all fanticize about happy endings, love the story
animeMIMIC animeMIMIC Mar 08, 2015
Wow, this is really cool! (I have two bleach fanfics I am working on at the moment)
BooksandArts BooksandArts Feb 01, 2015
So, I'm guessing that this follows a storyline in which Ichigo was taken/killed along with his mother?