Hello again

Hello again

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💭 By TorisCabello Updated Apr 24

What if Lauren Jauregui had a daughter. A daughter nobody apart from a few select people knew about....

At the age of 13 year old Lily has been adopted far more times then you can imagine. To you this may seem surprising, but to Lily it is normal, to be returned back to the orphanage just days after the adoption. Welcome to Lily's life. Lily hadn't always been living like this. It has only been for the past 6 years after the horrible event. Will Lily ever fully comprehend what happened? Will her mum finally come back to her?? Read Hello again to find out...

(Includes zauren)

- - Jul 05, 2016
Aw, I love this! You're an amazing writer! Keep up the great work....please update soon!
mcnuttm mcnuttm Feb 18
Okay, so that's a little confusing. "Her navy blue skinny jeans" and "her plain, old checked shirt" are two statements that are confusing. If this is 1st POV, don't you mean "my"?