Run & Hide ☠ Sequel

Run & Hide ☠ Sequel

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Book 2 of the K&R series [Completed]

❝ I love no one but her, I have just discovered. But she is far away and I am here alone.❞

// DO NOT read this book unless you've read Kill & Run first  //

cover credits: hepburnist

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I'm not even sure if I'm emotionally stable enough for this at the moment.
Kalyn1 Kalyn1 Mar 18
Y'all injected that weird metal crap into her. She has gotta be alive
Ashur12395 Ashur12395 Oct 30, 2016
I swear if he falls in love with someone else I will hurt someone
TheIronLife TheIronLife Jul 19, 2016
Talking to the moon by Bruno Mars would also be a good song for this book. I cried hole listening to it and reading the book :(
blurryfacedfool blurryfacedfool Sep 30, 2016
of course she is alive and if she is not then how can the author create the happy ending with married couple and babies
swayam31 swayam31 Nov 16, 2016
Update faster author u are absolutely making me wimp in this chapter so fuckin emotions , how come u know such aspects of life have u experienced those things really love u update faster