The Bad Boy's Princess [ON HOLD]

The Bad Boy's Princess [ON HOLD]

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AXOLOTL By shnoodles Updated Oct 15

"The problem is Princess, if I kissed you, I don't think I'd be able to stop."

"Then don't." 
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When Alex Greene moved schools, she intended to get away from the tragic drama that followed her wherever she went. What she didn't need was to be kicked out of her house, falling in love with not one but 'two' sexy bad boys, and become somehow involved in an illegal underground fighting system. 

But what can I say? Sometimes love's a real beach. 

    WARING: probably the most disgusting piece of toasted cheese garbage bread cliche you will ever read. I

Rita-Smiles Rita-Smiles Oct 17
Boy: *says that super cute line*
                              Me: are u flirting with me? *weird pose with arms around head*
Rita-Smiles Rita-Smiles Oct 17
Yes! Yes yes yes yes! She's not those characters that cry when the popular crew throws them down! I love her already! YAAAAASSSS