The Billion's (Completed) (GirlxGirl) (Lesbian Story)

The Billion's (Completed) (GirlxGirl) (Lesbian Story)

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Jacqueline Dohim By JacquelineDohim Completed


The fourth most influential family in America. Giovanni and Alana Billion, the founder and owner of Billion Industry that mainly focus on the production of high quality automotive and airliner parts. Together they had Gemma, Iris, Zoe, Paxton and Iva Billion, their most precious kids. 

Gemma Billion. Known as the big Hollywood movie star. She was on the will to be the next Billion entrepreneur but her passion mostly on screen. She married the big Hollywood producer, Maurice Summer and had a son named Adam. 

Iris Billion. She was unknown to like her others siblings but she was the most fear woman in Vegas. After marrying a drug lord daughter, Blanche Vera just to get her brother out of the hot water, she pursued her in laws illegal business as the new fearsome drug lord. 

Zoe Billion. The cheerful and the one who kept her family together. She's the very famous pop star world wide. She's also the person who discovered Estella Reed and shape her to be the next pop star. 

Paxton Billion. The heartthrob of the Billion siblings. He was a well known model and he works for all the biggest names in the business. He also known as the person who easily fall in love and get his heart broken at the end. 

Iva Billion. The mysterious of them all. She had a fight with Iris that resulted her near death experience and she hated her sister for what she did. She's known as the youngest and also the next heir to her parents multi billion company. 

What happen when a new girl came to town?

Will Iva let her mysterious demeanour push the girl away?

Will this family show there's still faith in humanity?

Will there will be a happy ending for everyone?

Read to find out.....

tharayolty tharayolty Jan 06
Im dutch and i never noticed it, but it does really sound like divorce
JacquelineDohim JacquelineDohim Nov 26, 2016
@april902 it's a therapist who will trained you to use your legs or hands after an accident that involves broken bones
getsomewater getsomewater Aug 25, 2016
Why is the writing Like that... It keeps repeating. I hope it's not like this till the end.
LionAnderson LionAnderson Oct 31, 2016
So like this is reminding me
                              of the Thinning ...they stole your idea!!! sueeee
Dilemma9817 Dilemma9817 Oct 09, 2016
Why would someone do that?????????  If it were in my country we would all help her
KiritoAsuna4 KiritoAsuna4 Aug 04, 2016
I thought there last name was starburst and I just noticed it wasnt