Unexpectedly You

Unexpectedly You

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BeautyJunkie By BeautyJunkie Updated Apr 23

So, whoever thought of the saying "If you love someone set them free?"

Definitely not Nadine Lustre.

2 months ago, her life was flawless.

 She is the toast of the town as the hottest thing that ever entered Philippine showbusiness, the darling of the press, Asia's next multimedia princess.

With her soaring career, immense popularity & her relationship w/ her equally goodlooking, successful boyfriend whom she had been w/ ever since high school, everything in her life was PERFECT.

Until he told her that he's leaving her for another woman.

She promised herself that he'd make him come running back to her no matter the cost, but where to start?

Enter Mr. Antipatiko & Nadine gets a harebrained idea.

She'd pretend to date him & make her ex realize what he had missed & maybe then he'd come running back into her arms. 

But what if things go according to plan?

Will she still be truly happy as she imagined herself to be even if she has also started to fall for James Reid's charm?

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Amazing story.. can't wait for the next update 🙏🙏❤️
MarieCrizelRaguindin MarieCrizelRaguindin Oct 24, 2016
Some words are too deep. The stories nice but deep words bores me. 😊 siguro mahina lang ako sa english. Haha
imaginedfluff imaginedfluff Jul 02, 2016
coz he's not IT! you would find out about it in chapter xxx. hold on switee. 😂
MimieLover MimieLover Jul 11, 2016
Just got time to read this..thank god joseph was her ex..hehe
BeautifulKarmaQueen BeautifulKarmaQueen Jul 02, 2016
Omg! Continue continue, you damn talented girl! Do seriously have to ask?! Yes! Keep writing!😘
imaginedfluff imaginedfluff Jul 02, 2016
YES!!! cant wait for payback... but more importantly, cant wait for mr. right lol. 😉