Daddy (Markiplier X Reader Smut)

Daddy (Markiplier X Reader Smut)

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Serene.EXEhasCrashed By renicus5000 Updated May 16

This Fanfiction is partly inspired from 
Tortured by Mark (smut) by @Markiplierismydrug

(Warning!!! If your not ok with reading about bondage and rape or use of kinky sex words I recommend a different fic Of mine)

Your a girl who ran away from home no one you knew cared about you while out on the streets you meet a black haired man who cares for you a bit too much and your life takes a big step backwards? 

(I promise the book is better then the  description I just suck at description)

nyancat5552 nyancat5552 Mar 29
Wallstreet! Oh wait it's hell? Okay... Was headed there anyways.
sayhitogod sayhitogod Jul 25
Please don't hate me but, the spelling. I'm so sorry for pointing this out but I'm just a complete grammar freak and it bugs me and I'm sorry if I'm offending you but I'm sorry it's just a habit, please don't hate me🙇
nyancat5552 nyancat5552 Mar 29
You don't know how close I am to snapping on you Papi, You Are a rapist and you know it.. 
                              /Breathes /
                              Y  O U A R E D O N E.
oliviab2125 oliviab2125 Aug 03
W-what are you! Stop! Get away from me!
                              Yandere chan: w-wait
ruby_at_the_disco ruby_at_the_disco Oct 30, 2016
OMG that's cool! I making a band book of images and relatable things