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Dark SEPTIPLIER: Smut And Romance

Dark SEPTIPLIER: Smut And Romance

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Willow Drew By patdwdg Updated Sep 25, 2016

Mark and Sean had moved on from being separated from their evil selves and even had there own girlfriends. Everyone still shipped them, but they really were just friends. Very good friends, but still just friends. Dark was the one that started the rumor of Septiplier. He had written all of the flirtatious tweets and acted flirtatious with Jack. Anti retaliated and flirted back. Either way, what started as a game the evil personalities played to get out of their former bodies, and become there own person, became more serious. Dark and Jack began to fall in love. Anti was the first to have feelings. Dark followed slowly behind, unsure he could trust Anti. One day they were able to find a way out of Mark and Jack. Having their own bodies now, they could run away together. They ran to Ireland and stayed in Jack's old cabin. As they settled in, they got closer and closer. Both of them getting more restless to express their feelings for each other. When one day Anti's instincts got the better of him. That is where this story begins.

Disclaimer: LOTS OF SMUT!!!

Hello Wesley, when did you get here?
                              If you did not get that reference... DIE!!!!
Some_shitty_fangirl Some_shitty_fangirl Dec 09, 2016
Roses are red
                              My fish's name is blinky
                              Things are getting kinky
I-Have-McFallen I-Have-McFallen Dec 16, 2016
Roses are red
                              They are very thorny
                              Holy crap these men are too horny
Some_shitty_fangirl Some_shitty_fangirl Dec 09, 2016
Roses are red
                              My parents are complaining about the bill
                              Oh my
                              Its time for Netflix and Chill~
FanFics1987 FanFics1987 Oct 15, 2016
I love the fact that this paragraph has the most flagged comments