Eddsworld x reader

Eddsworld x reader

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y/n POV

being roommates with 4 men (tord-kunnnm)  is hard and being a women is harder. One of them all aways caught my eye. Edd~.

"You ASS" I heard yelling from Toms room I know who's in there tord. 

"Hey edd" I said with a smile.
"Oh ello y/n" he said while grabbing a cola from the fridge . So being a f/s (Fav soda ) lover I got me a f/s from the fridge. 
"So.." I started intil I dropped my phone that I was playing a game on.
"Shit" I said while bending over to get my phone.

Edds pov
Y/n bends over and I blush look at the sight she gets up and turns around.
"Soo..edd I wanted to tell you " She says.

Y/n POV 

I was about to finish but I was shocked because edd kiss me after the kiss he says to me.

"I like you to " while revving the back of his head so I kissed him again.

"Edd" I said 
"yes" he replied 
"your my lil cinnamon bun" I said kissing him.


Well umm first x reader Soo I will be doing request and I know it's short. REQUEST!

MattLobster MattLobster Jul 01
This was really cute! Also could you do a Shy!Matt x Male!Reader? If you dont wanna do yaoi thats cool.
In the picture 'don't talk to me or my son or my sons son or my sons sons son or my sons sons sons son'