His Fake Girlfriend

His Fake Girlfriend

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Kylie&Kelsey♥ By RealityCheck101 Completed

BOOK 2! 
**Must read My Paid Boyfriend before reading this!**

You know the story of Jeremy and Sky. How Sky left Jeremy thinking it was better for him. Purposely holding her feelings back because she knew it's for the best. Sky believed she was done with Jeremy after the deal was over but she was terribly found wrong. It's her turn to play fake girlfriend. 

A phone call to Jeremy brings him home for spring break, but not alone. It's Jeremy's turn to find a fake paid girlfriend to present to his family. Sky will now find out during her week long of lies that she's not the only one with family problems and tragedies. Maybe, just maybe, they do need each other.

Oh god I've never laughed so hard in my life 😂😂😂 only because I'm tired as hell...
i love that this is in his opinion now. ahhhhhhhhh second time reading these books and i'm even more in love with them if possible
oh my god, i saw the trailer. dave franco literally KILLS me with his dave franco-ness
Annam0nk3y Annam0nk3y Sep 22
You write defiantly a lot. I know you mean definitely. Its through both books which I've read three times each i just thought you'd want to know since it's a recurring thing
nxmirx nxmirx Nov 23
This is so ironic because in Legally Blonde, Elle was a a lawyer so😂
That's probably me with my younger siblings if they ever get into that stuff...