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Only Time Can Tell | TracerXFemale!Reader

Only Time Can Tell | TracerXFemale!Reader

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gay is more than ok By glow_fish Updated Apr 13

After the unknown woman collided into you from out of nowhere, you watched her slowly get up to her feet with a quiet hiss of pain. Realizing you had just been standing there staring, you were quick to pick up her dual pulse pistols. 

"S-Sorry," You stammered, handing them over to her. "I should have been looking where I was going."

When she turned to look, you noted she wore familiar goggles that had an outer white trim with yellow on the chrome lens. Her bomber jacket, glowing blue center, spiky brown hair, and bright skin tight pants put it all together; she was the one you had seen in the old Overwatch poster.

"It's no problem, love." She took her weapons from your hands, twirling them for you to see. "It was just an accident, right?" Her brown eyes twinkled with excitement, probably from whatever she was running towards.

You were close to asking about who she was until you decided not to and just nodded. "Right."  

She took a few seconds to stare at you before a short giggle lifted into the air. "Hope to catch ya later." With a wink, she teleported ahead of you, a glowing blue stream followed behind her as she used her ability repeatedly to get to the top of a building. 

You just stood there, completely dumbfounded at what just occurred. 
Did you just encounter a former Overwatch agent?

Y/N L/N has been living an ordinary life, no trouble has ever come her way and she's never gone out of line. As she's invited to hang out with her best friend in Kings Row, her whole world becomes flipped upside down as she accidentally bumps into a former Overwatch agent shortly after arriving. After catching her attention, Y/N finds herself falling for the English woman.

aaaaaimgay aaaaaimgay Jul 09, 2016
YES!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS YES THANK YOU please continue to update im SO happy
SilverStreaks- SilverStreaks- Oct 01, 2016
I'm so glad to find a Female!Reader for this, female x female in books is extremely rare!