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My CEO Billionaire

My CEO Billionaire

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- EimeeMarzan - By NerdShortyGlasses_12 Updated Jun 19

He strides closer to me, looking down to my lips. I stumble backwards, feeling the cold wall press against me.

He stops inches away from me, forcing me to stare at his dark brooding eyes.I was enthralled by them, luring me in.

"Dave, what are you doing?" My throat went dry as I spoke, his scent wrapping us like a blanket, pulling me even closer.

He doesn't answer and leans in closer to me, feeling his hot breath on my face, sending cold shivers through my body.

"You amuse me, Abby" He whispered. His lips grazing my cheek. I stood there, stunned at our proximity.

He faced me once more, staring closely at me. "Don't go looking too deep. You'll regret it once you find what I'm hiding" And with that, He swiftly walked away and left the room.


There isn't much to tell about me. But I do know one thing, I was always terrible at making decisions.

They either end up as a success, which I presume wouldn't happen in a lifetime, Or they end up for me to regret.

And that's when I met him. 

The way his eyes gazed at me, those eyes held secrets. I was curious to what made him so closed off to the world. I was drawn to him than any other man I've ever encountered.

They told me to stay away, but I didn't listen.

They said my curiosity would kill me, then let that be the end of me.

susansalem susansalem Apr 02
I know how you feel.
                               If I show my arm I feel like I am showing soo much skin.
                              not that I'm inscure just uncomfortable
jenny_726 jenny_726 May 23
glazy_lazy glazy_lazy Jun 20
Ummm -looks around- hm she probably was rolling her eyes at someone else bc hunny you DON'T want these problems trust me.
Waldo777 Waldo777 Mar 03
No girl you better clean it up. I don't tolerate any kind of tardiness
mankaa12 mankaa12 Jan 24
I love it when people describe peoples eyes.Dark and stormy.Warm and anxious.
mankaa12 mankaa12 Jan 24
Its okay I'll have the dogs lick it up so if you ever steal from me they will find you.....and they will kill you