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Thousands of years ago, an ancient evil destroyed the entire civilization of Bellovia. 

In a fight to defend his people, the fourth King of Thorp trapped the evil in the heart of the most powerful Bellovian sorcerer, banishing the remnants of Bellovian magic. For centuries, the Thorps kept the Blackheart away from malevolent  hands...

...until the King of Desolan commands his son to steal the Blackheart from the Thorps.

Elena of Thorp is the keeper of the Blackheart. When Prince Lysandr creeps in the Royal Cellar one night, she patiently awaits him for a fight, but an intruder makes their way in. Amidst the fight, both Lysandr and Elena are incapacitated by Bellovian magic, a magic that has been extinct for thousands of years. 

With the Blackheart at large and the revival of the only magic that can release its powerful evil, Elena and Lysandr must enter a dangerous alliance to save their kingdom, and the world itself.

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Cover by the insanely talented @darthowl

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WackyMinx WackyMinx Mar 11
I can't wait to read this book ❤❤ Found a good fantasy book after such a long time
druidrose druidrose Dec 18, 2017
So you can come read my book and make me picspams and aesthetics now too, yes?  Yes.
wow! these are all so pretty! I have always admired people who can make aesthetics for their characters and yours are one of the best! So pretty!
concussive concussive Aug 19, 2017
these are beautiful, and have me way excited for this story!
kaloned kaloned Aug 20, 2017
an interesting concept AND an indian author (?) i'm ready af
He looks like he's going to be a bad guy but what can i day- I'm a sucker for bad princes. (And if he's good then yay)