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Shifting orbits (part 1)

       I boarded the bus on the first day of school with a weird sense of anticipation. Even after nine years as the class dork, I couldn't quite squelch a fizzy little hope that this year would be different. 

        Maybe this year Jimmy Franklin would finally notice I existed. I was fifteen now and marginally less awkward than I'd been last year as a freshman. Maybe I'd do something wild and daring, like, oh, run for treasurer of the French Club. I might even get elected, since last year they'd had to arm-twist someone into doing it. 

        The familiar sour-stale schoolbus smell--like old french fries that had been baking in the Indiana sun all summer, with maybe a whiff of vomit--took some of the fizz out of my mood. It was the smell of a dozen past humiliations. Still, I clung to what I hoped was a confident half-smile as I headed for an empty seat two-thirds of the way back.

        "Wow, Marsha, nice blouse." 

        It was Trina Squ...

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peneloperaywrites peneloperaywrites May 09, 2017
Lol, running for treasurer of the French Club might be too dangerous... 😂❤️❤️
Pizza_Booty Pizza_Booty Apr 15, 2017
She sounds just like me. Once I went on a field trip and everyone forgot about me. They did a buddy system and even my buddy forgot I was her buddy if I didn't find them last minute they would've left me
roseHathaway101 roseHathaway101 Jul 06, 2017
I love "third star in our tiny constellation" that's adorable💚
roseHathaway101 roseHathaway101 Jul 06, 2017
Dude same with my old school it's a tiny town in Oregon that isn't on any maps😂😶
-BeautifulScars- -BeautifulScars- Jun 21, 2017
The Orion constellation y'know his left foot,  yeah that guy.
roseHathaway101 roseHathaway101 Feb 26, 2017
 #RR :) I started on the second book but its still not completed so im rereading this one:D