Danger meets Peace | on hold :)

Danger meets Peace | on hold :)

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nayelli ¿? By Teenwolf_24 Updated Jul 30, 2016

"I scream danger, while she screams peace"

   Her name was Rowan Lancaster. She was harmless. She only liked to spread happiness and peace. She was strange, but yet unique at the same time. She would wear a flower crown almost everyday. She would also have her backpack filled with these little foam hearts that she would give to random students in the hallways, and when it was someone's birthday she would leave them a little birthday card on their desk. She was always so vibrant and happy. She was liked by most people in Redwood High, but there was still some girls that disliked her. Probably because most of the boys there had a crush on her, but she was oblivious.

   His name is Cyan Rivers. He's the person your parents warned you about, bad boy and player. He's been with a lot of girls but never with ones like Rowan. She doesn't intrigue him, in fact he despises her with all of his guts. He doesn't believe in her whole peace and happiness 'act'. Does he actually hate her ? You know what they say, hate turns into love. But this is Cyan we're talking about, he doesn't do love.


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perhiwinkle perhiwinkle Jul 25, 2016
I really like the plot and Rowan as a character. If you have time I'd really appreciate if you could give criticism on my story x
julieta_cx_ julieta_cx_ Jul 25, 2016
K I know I might sound really dumb but that supposed to be a blade ?