Touka And Kazuki  (Tokyo Ghoul Fanfiction NOT KANEKI)

Touka And Kazuki (Tokyo Ghoul Fanfiction NOT KANEKI)

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Zaylin Hall By ZaylinHall Completed

Look Kazuki  you cant do that on a date well not on the first one. NO THATS NOT WHAT I..... ok im just taking her out ok. Alright alright just let me know if something does ok. Fine I will but nothing will I said as i looked at my food in distress phew thanks for the talk. No prob bro jake said as he got up and paid for everthing and left good luck kazuki. Can I help you sir. Um yes i said as i looked up into her beautiful eyes. She blushes as she looked at me. Um hi miss i said hiding my blush behind my scarf to go on a date miss. Its touka Touka Kirishima and i would like too she said with her tray in hand blushing. Im Kazuki Kazuki kishimaru and thank you touka i said and gave her a smile. Pick me up in 3 hr okshe said with a firce look. Alright i said smiling and felt a shiver go down my spine. (3hr later) I knocked on the door a girl peeked her head out looking at me face to face are you here for touka well!  yes is she in i said nervously. Oh shes right here.

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