The Phone Swap

The Phone Swap

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purplecats02 By purplecats02 Completed

Dalia Dawson loves going to  the LACMA, or anywhere with art exhibits, the only problem is that she is socially awkward. 

Alec Westbrook is an up actor and singer who has a soft spot for art too.

When the two run into each other, literally, and switch phones, it can't seem to get any worse for Dalia or Alec.

But the next day revealing pictures of Alec are posted on every social media platform, and fans are quick to place blame. Jump a few hours and a fan who recorded the encounter posts it on YouTube saying Dalia staged it to make Alec look bad. Now she has to deal with lawsuits and public hate, as well as trying to get her phone back, when all eyes around the world are on her.

 Can she survive the attention? Find out in the Phone Swap.

*started 7/1/16*

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Hey. good job with your writing!! i hope u write more about Pacman
drrrr6 drrrr6 Jul 31, 2016
Has anyone noticed that this books lines are on the opposite side than usual
anton_zvalko anton_zvalko Jul 18, 2016
Lol normally I wouldn't read a book like this but it got me hooked at the beginning  and its really interesting
diamondsparkles1 diamondsparkles1 Jul 20, 2016
Ooh I bet her and Alec are going to end up together in the end!
Spoby259 Spoby259 Jul 21, 2016
I love this chapter it shows a lot about her life and how she is different to everyone else :) Well done
youarebeautiful40904 youarebeautiful40904 Jul 25, 2016
@purplecats02 Hey I have this book called No words. I was wondering if you would read it. I don't know if you would like it but I would appreciate it if you were to give me feedback on it