Different (Andrew Garfield x Hannah Marks Fan fic)

Different (Andrew Garfield x Hannah Marks Fan fic)

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Peter Parker and Missy Kallenback. Both nerds and loves science. Even they belonged on the same food chain at Warren High school, they don't talk to each other. They just gave each other eye contact and that's it. 

Missy is a girl who puts all her attention to art and crafts while Peter, he likes to take pictures and carries his antique camera all the time. Peter is always bullied by the school jock, Flash Thompson whose girlfriend is Gwen Stacy.

Gwen Stacy is a popular girl. She's intelligent and adored science. Peter likes her and Gwen, well, she kind of a liked him back. But not like how she loved Flash. 

Will Peter ever realized that Gwen is not for her? That he is meant to be with somebody else?


Okay guys, this story is not based on the Amazing Spider Man the movie. I just borrowed the characters because I so ship and so LOVE Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) and Missy Kallenback (Hannah Marks). 
Peter Parker here is just a normal teenager. No spidey powers and no villains. 

I suggest, try to see the movie and look at Peter's and Missy's chemistry. Even though they may have only one scene together but that scene made me fall in love with them.
P.S Nobody died in this story. Meaning, Uncle Ben is alive and enthusiastic. I don't write drama's ☺

The whole story is just my plot and it all came from my imagination.

BE WARNED : May include grammar errors and such. ☺ 

No haters! Just LOVE ♥ ♥ ♥

- The CAT xx

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