I, Leviathan

I, Leviathan

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Mackenzie Seidel By mackenzieseidel Updated 2 days ago

LEVIATHANS are super soldiers, designed to be superior in speed, strength, and ability to kill . However, the Leviathan virus was unleashed upon the world before completion, leaving those infected still augmented, but unable to control their violence. They turned to slaughtering innocents, killing hundreds at a time. The panic spread even faster than the virus, along with the knowledge that no one was safe.
      That was twenty-three years ago.
      Cara Straga has spent her entire life resisting the call to violence that is natural of her kind. When she is caught in a Leviathan massacre, and her true nature forces its way to the surface she must fight for her humanity while her sanity spirals downwards. Meanwhile, an infamous Leviathan named Archer Hamilton has created a plan for genocide, and as the only Leviathan on the humans' side, she's the only one who can stop him. But this is no game.

These are Leviathans.

They will not hesitate to kill one of their own.
    Almost completed. Next update will be the last few chapters. NaNoWriMo got in the way of writing.
      A Written in Action featured story.
    This story is unedited. It is loosely copyedited, but plot and structure has not yet been revised.

jane83 jane83 Oct 04
Wow this is even more fantastic with quotes from Nietzsche XD
Lujayna Lujayna Sep 18
Fantastic first chapter. I love the last part where she finally accepts who she is.
sophgray sophgray Jul 04
Extremely original and beautifully written! The gore isn't gross, it drives the plot, and ohmygosh are you talented.
Damn girl, you're into some really kinky stuff. 0_0 I'm scared lol
ScarletBays ScarletBays Aug 10
It's okay sweetie. Admit it. You are a monster, seeing beauty in death...
I see we got some good ol' Nietzche in here, never a good sign for the hoping of a happy story XD ...