North Star: A Bleach Fanfiction

North Star: A Bleach Fanfiction

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Zeldafollower By Zeldafollower Updated Jul 27, 2016

Shina Ichimaru is the first and only daughter to Gin Ichimaru. Shina was born in the Seireitei, and her unknown mother died after her birth, leaving her to a young Gin. Later, during Aizen's betrayal, Gin took his daughter with him to Hueco Mundo. Raised by soul reapers her whole life, teenage Shina is thrown off her normal schedule of hanging out with Izuru Kira and Shuehi Hisagi, and training with her squad. 

Instead of her usual friends, she is surrounded by strange people named espadas with holes in their bodies. One espada catches her eye though. Grimmjow Jaegerjaques is the sixth espada, with bold blue hair and a catlike attitude. Shina is instantly attracted to him and tries to befriend him; however, Grimmjow is reluctant to hang out with one of his boss's daughters. How will a teenaged shinigami fair in a world of mutated hollows she was originally trained to kill? 

I don't own Bleach. All credit goes to the amazing  Tite Kubo.

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ashley5967 ashley5967 Nov 29, 2017
I love bleach.huge fan so i knew i wud love this.great job. Im glad i did check it out
DragonGirl_97 DragonGirl_97 Jul 21, 2016
                              Snoring!! And she woke Kenpachi! Hilarious! I'm actually crying with tears in my eyes!