The One In Gray

The One In Gray

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Ashley <3 By 1_Ashley_8 Updated Oct 17, 2016

This is a J-Fred x reader story.

Y/N is a pretty famous YouTuber with about 8 million subs.  She was also a fan of Amanda Faye. The day that Amanda reached out to do a makeup tutorial with her she was stoked. Then Matthias also reached out. Saying that while she was there they should also do a collab. Maybe a challenge video? She becomes great friends with them. 

J- Fred however not so much. But all that may change...

Septiplier_fan Septiplier_fan Oct 13, 2016
😢but I don't like pink... I guess I can just say that it's black in my mind
Pickles_526 Pickles_526 Jul 13, 2016
Thanks for making this. I actually have a crush on J-Fred so I'm excited to read this
awesomelywierd55 awesomelywierd55 Sep 07, 2016
I chimed in haven't you people ever heard of closing a god d*** door!
SeptiplierSupernova SeptiplierSupernova Oct 13, 2016
But Amanda said it was Joey's coffee not j-freds I know that Joey is j-freds but you still made the mistake of Joey telling me his name was j-freds instead of Joey. and I still have the coffee to j-freds when I didn't even know his name was Joey in the story like Amanda said.