Dawn Approaches

Dawn Approaches

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createwithwords By createwithwords Updated Oct 11, 2016

There once was a prophecy that turned into a tale told by mothers to their children before they went to sleep.

I'll tell you a tale,
The tale of two wolves.
Through the mist and fog, high above in the mountain
Came to existence of two pups.
Born of separate families but mighty just the same.
One red and the other silver.
Neither aware of the other,
But their destinies intertwined.
A curse has plagued Uriel since the dawn of time.
And on the dawn preceding the hundredth harvest moon will the curse be uplifted,
But not without giving something in return.
The cover was created by me. I pieced together the artwork and photographs of other artists and therefore none of the drawings are original, but the construction and placement of the drawings was done by myself. I am not claiming credit for the masterful work that someone has taken the time to create, I am only claiming credit for the creative way of piecing individual parts together to make one spectacular cover. Thank you to those who have drawn and photographed the masterpieces I have used to make my book cover.
Started: July 10, 2016
Finished: work in progress
Updates: when I don't have writer's block

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