The Protector

The Protector

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Shyla Marie Tobiassen By stobiassen Updated May 12, 2017

When Lynn Talladay was twelve years old she wandered into the forest on the West Coast side of the United States, and was lost to her family for a week, despite efforts from search parties, countless search and rescue dogs, and helicopters flying overhead, no one could find the little girl. 

That is until she wandered back, a large wolf the size of a small pony nudging her shoulder from the tree line until she ran right back into the arms of her mother, telling stories of a wolf pack in the forest who changed into people, a home pack the cliff points towards the Oregon beaches, and a boy with a family who protected her while she was lost. 

Everyone assumed she was lying, delusional from the trauma, needing to find a way to rationalize what had happened to her but ten years later, Lynn has found countless stories of children and adults becoming lost, and returning later with stories of fantasy. 

Desperate for answers, she returns to the place she went missing from and finds more trouble than she ever planned on having.

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shadesofliving shadesofliving Apr 14, 2017
Much happier now that she realizes that he's not just a lost puppy 😂 yay for wolves!!