The Heart of the Red Queen

The Heart of the Red Queen

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Morgan Elizabeth By BlueEyesBrownHair Updated Aug 08, 2016

Impossible to believe or not, the Red Queen wasn't always so harsh. She wasn't always quick to judge and was more like her sister, the White Queen. Only when her beloved baby daughter was taken from her did the Queen create an animosity so great that she became known for her phrase, "Off with their heads!" 

Now, years later, the Queen has discovered where her daughter was taken to all those years ago and she will stop at nothing to have the one person who could still love her back in her arms.


Gracelynn was the normal girl growing up. She had strict parents and outgoing friends. She joined sports teams and academic clubs. She got good grades and fell in love a lot.

Now, as a junior in college, she's pulled from her dorm room and told her life until this moment has been a lie and she would do anything just to make sense of what normal really is.

This is not an Alice in Wonderland fanfic. It is VERY loosely based off of the Red Queen and the White Queen but it is not a fanfic and I do not own anything of Alice in Wonderland and do not in any way claim too. 
This is purely from my imagination so I am sorry if there are some parts that seem to come across as being from the movies or the books. I have never read the books and while I have seen the movies, things that are from the movie that seem to be in here are completely coincidental.
Lastly, the image in the cover is not my image. It is the property of Juan Solórzano. I do not claim to own that as well I just really liked the image. 
Other than that all characters and situations are mine and mine alone. They come straight from my imagination. All rights are reserved. Thanks!

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