Love Over Death {ON HOLD}

Love Over Death {ON HOLD}

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Jessie Mutou By JessieMutou Updated Jul 23, 2016

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He missed Atem. A lot. He thought he would be okay when Atem left, but he wasn't. He was in depression. And he couldn't deny it. He wanted to see his other half. But he knew he couldn't.

He missed his little hikari. He missed how he would be able to watch over the little one and keep him safe. He missed their little moments that they had. He wanted to be with his other half.
After Atem finds out there was a way to return to his hikari, he decided to go for it. After all, it was his chance to be with the one he loved.

Taking Bakura and Marik with him, the three Yami's return to the mortal realm. What awaits them is romance, as well as the harsh reality of life in the 21st century.

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