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"Hey Max! Where do you wa--" I ran into Max on accident... Whoops! But wait... is he.. "Oh my god! I'm soooo sorry guys! Are you ok? WHA?!?!!" So when I ran into Max, he fell onto Ross.. okay, no big deal right? UNLESS THEY'RE KISSING!! They would NOT stop! Oh crap.. Everyone's getting back from lunch! "Yo! What are you guys-" "ADAM! HI! UM THERE'S SOME ART TO SIGN!!!" 

"Um.. Okay? We were gonna start signing-"

"GOGOGOGOGOGOGOOOO!!!! THE FANSSSSSSS ADAM! THINK OF THE FANSSSS!!" He ran along with everyone else in the office. I turned to Max and Ross, who were both blushing dark red. I folded my arms and glared at them. "You guys are so lucky I saved you! Now, EXPLAIN WHY YOU DIDN'T GET UP INSTANTLY!!" They just stared at each other! They got closer together.. and closer.. and closer.. "Oh no you don't!" I literally had to almost wrestle Max to get Ross away from him! What the heck! "ELLEN! JUST LEAVE US ALONE!" Ross just yelled at me... He yelled..? Ross doesn't usually yell... "Yo Adam! Can you--" They started shushing me, and I smirked at them. "Well, you gonna tell me?" They blushed more. Max then started to open his mouth and said something really quiet. "What?" He looked like he wanted to murder me, like always. "..Me and Ross... umm... well.." Ross just yelled it out in a heartbeat. "ME AND MAX LIKE EACH OTHER!!!" We just sat there in silence. "Well.. okay then.." I started smiling slowly then I started running towards the exit, then I yelled "MITHROSS EXISTS! IT EXISTS!"

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