The First Wolf.

The First Wolf.

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Morgan Greer By moe_greer Updated Nov 03, 2017

"It's okay Alexandra, it will all be over soon dear." I heard a smooth voice from beside me and turned slowly to see a tall man in a dark suit, his nearly white hair shinned in the low light of the cell; his bright blue eyes crested at the side as he softly smiled at me. I looked up at him in confusions; I opened my mouth to question his presence as he shushed me, "Sleep my dear, you will know soon enough," with that my eyelids drifted down and I was pulled into the darkness.
Meet Alexandra Jones, a twenty five year old prisoner. Four years ago she was kidnapped by a vampire from college and taken to his Master's manor. There she has spent the past four years getting beaten and rapped by the men of the manor only to be brought out when the master wanted to have his way with her. One night he asks her to join him to the up coming Council meetings. But what happens when at the first meeting she is told that she is the mate of Cain the first werewolf in history? And that he believes that she is the key to his prophesy. What happened when she wants him to just accept her as herself? What happens when she finds out why he's The First Wolf?

P. S. I'm not one of those writers that will be mad it you correct an error of mine. In fact I beg that you do! If you notice any kind of mistake please please PLEASE point it out!!!

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