Blue Rose

Blue Rose

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EVN By elaine-oshami Updated Jul 08, 2016

What happens when she enters the "Enchanted Forest"? The forest where only good things happens. The forest where all your dreams come true. Where everything is exactly as it seems.  The shy girl was dared by her "family" to enter this forest, kiss the blue rose and to bring a soft petal as proof. The one that was "enchanted". The one that made all of your deepest desires come true. The one that was the most difficult yet most beautiful thing to search for.

But what happens when the opposite occurs?, when she transforms in what she hates the most, when the deepest and darkest secrets arises and she has no one around to trust. Will she find herself or will she never be the same again?

Meet Angela Benson, a shy 17 year old girl who has suffered from abuse but hides it. The one who has secrets but prefers to hide them so others don't worry. The one who thought had everything but in a blink of an eye losses it. Where the ones she thought were her friends hide secrets that may destroy every normal thing in her life.


Carlos Gray, a 19 year old soon to  be alpha of the Blue Rose pack had a normal life, if you count having a younger brother whose interest in your love life and an older brother who hates titles. He thinks that the only normal person in his family is his baby sister, who is a shy girl and hates meeting new people. His only wish is to finally meet his mate and be happy with her while they both rule his father's pack. But what happens when his mate has a long lost relative, when she hides herself from him and when her family has dark skeletons in their closets. Will his wish come true? Or will the secrets be to much for him?

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  • lies
  • mate
  • secrets

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