~ Seduce Me ~ The Path To Forgiveness

~ Seduce Me ~ The Path To Forgiveness

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Labella By LabellaDynasty Updated Sep 27

This story is about you, a young woman saved by a kind man from a haunting fate. He gives you a home and he makes you family, things you never thought you could have again. All he asks of you is to open your heart to others, to overcome your fear. But when he writes to five brothers he helped years before and invites them to stay will you be able to or is your heart already too far gone?

I wish to do with my words what I cannot do with pictures and yet as you read this I hope to bring a world alive around you filled with tears, magic and love.

This story features the five sons of the Demon Lord and is a tribute to the heart-wrenching otome game Seduce Me. Even if you've never played it I encourage you to give this story a chance, you may be delightfully surprised.

It will feature a path for all five men.

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Naioppai Naioppai Jan 22
I swear if this is James
                              (Pleaaaaasssseee don't let it be James I'm gonna have yandere nightmares now)