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Tale As Old As Time ✿ Frerard

Tale As Old As Time ✿ Frerard

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✝ By vampirexchild Updated Mar 07

Gerard, a beautiful 18 year old boy, alone and lost in the outskirts of town, collapses from across a crumbling mansion with iron gates and gargoyles that seem to glare at him. A kind maid finds him and allows him to stay at the mansion.

But someone lurks inside, hiding in the shadows and never showing his face. Gerard fears the man, but hears him crying at night through the thin walls, haunting his thoughts. 

''Why won't you let me see your face?''

'' . . .Because, my dear, not all of us are as beautiful as you.''

(Frerard AU; Beauty and The Beast)

Ali-San9539 Ali-San9539 Apr 10
Same, though some people think I'm a boy and now the questions are starting to not affect me as much as they did before
Ali-San9539 Ali-San9539 Apr 10
Never been really into Beauty and the Beast but still will read since I like your writing
I just finished watching Beauty And The Beast 
                              The human version
Omg my schools musical-that I'm in-is Beauty and the Beast. Lmao that's y when I saw this I had to read it
Fanfucker Fanfucker Mar 07
I keep reading everything in a posh British accent for some reason and I can't take this seriously bc its so weird
thnks_pt thnks_pt Jan 23
Tale as old as time
                              True as it can be
                              Bittersweet and strange
                              Finding you can change 
                              Learning you were wrong...
                              Certain as the sun
                              rising in the eeeassttt