Tale As Old As Time ✿ Frerard

Tale As Old As Time ✿ Frerard

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♡ Porcelain Doll ♡ By vampirexchild Updated Jan 07

Gerard, a beautiful 18 year old boy, alone and lost in the outskirts of town, collapses from across a crumbling mansion with iron gates and gargoyles that seem to glare at him. A kind maid finds him and allows him to stay at the mansion.

But someone lurks inside, hiding in the shadows and never showing his face. Gerard fears the man, but hears him crying at night through the thin walls, haunting his thoughts. 

''Why won't you let me see your face?''

'' . . .Because, my dear, not all of us are as beautiful as you.''

(Frerard AU; Beauty and The Beast)

KokoOn KokoOn Jul 25, 2016
I need this in my life!!! I always thought that Beauty and the Beast frerard au would be awesome with G as Beauty and now your doing it this is awesome <3
                              HE DIDNT DO ANYTHING WRONG
                              HE DESERVES LIFE U FUCKK
I would follow u
                              but where's the ressurecting stone when u need it