A Cat Never Lies (A Young Justice/Robin Fanfic)     ON HIATUS

A Cat Never Lies (A Young Justice/Robin Fanfic) ON HIATUS

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IDK Anymore By ChocolateUnikitty Updated Mar 19, 2017

This is the story of how I became Catgirl. At first, I was normal, just like you, but then something changed me. At a young age, I was orphaned, but I was kidnapped off the streets, away from all I had ever known. I was hidden, away from all light, and experimented upon. After years of unrelenting agony, I was rescued, by whom, I do not know. I woke up in an alley, with no belongings, and only my name, age, and my secret. I am Melody Snow, aged 14, and I am part cat.

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SuperRav SuperRav Dec 21, 2017
Great book so far 
                              Anyone reading this go check out my books please
AJWester AJWester Jan 06
I AM YOUR SOON TO BE PROTOGE! sorry. XD. I've read this before. i will give no more spoilers
Minecraft-Winner Minecraft-Winner Nov 24, 2016
Anitode gave me a list to follow and you were in the list she said you have a good book
BatmanAndRobin123 BatmanAndRobin123 Sep 07, 2016
Commenting on the title I have cat scratch fever i to take antibiotics its horrible cuz I'm anti medication so.....