Moving To Minnesota(read description)

Moving To Minnesota(read description)

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Bridget Walker moves to Minnesota because of a tragic event that happened to her that changes her life forever- her father dies. Her and her mother move to Minnesota to start a new life, leaving all of the old drama behind...or so they thought. Bridget is in for a great surprise when she meets her Internet idol, Justin Blake. 
Will Justin fall madly in love with the former Pennsylvanian girl? Will they have kids? Will they get married? Read, "Moving to Minnesota", from beginning to end to find out! 
"MTM will have readers on the edge of their seats. It is a classic, page turning, staying-up-all-night book!" 

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|| COMPLETED AS OF  AUGUST 2nd, 2017 ||

(Rewriting reason: I was young when I wrote Moving To Minnesota, and it kinda sucked, so. If you only want to read Cherry Cola, go to part 30 immediately :) )
Re-writing announced: January 16, 2018

❝ Well, Alyssa, I don't care. You' best partner in everything. But most importantly, you're my...Cherry Cola. ❞

Alyssa Cables is new Redwood High Boarding School. She is really excited. Until, she finds out romming is co-ed. Alyssa hopes and hopes for a girl, but ends up with a boy - Justin Blake. 
❝ I wasn't exactly expecting a girl. ❞
❝ And I wasn't exactly hoping for a boy. ❞
Alyssa and Justin think they hate each other, and everyone seems to know they like each other - except themselves.
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I’m so confused are you making a new book or is it in this book