Who You Are To Me (Solangelo AU)

Who You Are To Me (Solangelo AU)

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Alyssa By PolkaDotDestroyer Updated Feb 07

Nico di Angelo used to be happy. 

But that was eight years before his life was ruined. Eight years before he was kidnapped. Eight years since he wasn't afraid. 

Will Solace somehow gets tangled into Nico's life. He eagerly welcomes Nico as his friend, shows him how wonderful the world can be, and that some people are there for important reasons. 

Will teaches him to be brave.

WARNINGS: This contains many forms of abuse, violence, and sexual assault. There is also a suicide in one of the later chapters (But the character isn't Nico, Will, Reyna, or any of the seven. I don't want to say exactly who, because I don't want to spoil it). Please don't read if you feel like anything like that could trigger you.

(Yeah, I suck at summaries.) (none of the characters or media is mine, but you guys probably guessed that already)

TheLastFlyingGrayson TheLastFlyingGrayson Dec 02, 2016
Sent him to school apparently.
                              This kidnapper knows the importance of education.
Syltherin_Demigod51 Syltherin_Demigod51 Aug 05, 2016
*sigh* how many times do I need to kill you Octavian 😈💣🔪🗡🏹🔫⚔😈
unclegem unclegem Jul 15, 2016
I feel like Aphrodite is going to have a long conversation about it being okay to be gay
At first I read that as no more dark Octavian and was like wasn't he always dark