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"Some of us will never be more than just a shoulder. The smile but never the tear. The loving but never the loved. The word but never the poem." -Dru. Anthony



millburnho millburnho Nov 08
I was gonna to comment but i see people hv already done that for me LOL
Paraluman as in the filipino word Paraluman, meaning: a muse that inspires artistically?? I love this word. 😍
Bitch I can guarantee no one in this imaginary god damn fanfiction is more beautiful than Lauren like stop with the FüCKING lies
Okay you were asking for help but you refuse to go to the place where they help you like.....?
hedaislyfe hedaislyfe Nov 09
Oh yeah! I don't support Trump at all. But lookie here, he won. 😒
ps1932 ps1932 Nov 08
i feel like she's about to become a badass and i'm ready for it 👏🏽