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Harry Potter characters x reader OPEN FORUMS

Harry Potter characters x reader OPEN FORUMS

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ElizabethMalfoy1 By ElizabethMalfoy1 Updated Jul 03, 2016

Open forums. Harry Potter Characters x reader I do smut one shots and fluff. I love lots of smut.

LeannHolmes LeannHolmes Mar 11
Kassy Leann. Light brown hair and eyes and olive skin. Gryffindor.smut. No song. Everyone. Draco
Name: Millie
                              Year: 6
                              Looks: breast length brown hair, brown eyes, pale skin.
                              House: Ravenclaw
                              Fluffy but then turns into smut.
                              Plot: you can decide, but I want to be Harry's sister if possible.
                              Friends: Draco, Crabbe, Goyle, Luna and Astoria
                              Ship: Draco
                              Song: New York by Busted
Milla Wells
                              Dirty blond, blue eyes, 5"2'
                              Year 5
                              Wouldn't change a thing by Demi Lovato
                              Friends: almost Everyone
                              Who: George Wealsey
no_more_words no_more_words Jul 02, 2016
Hair colour: Brown
                              Eye colour: brown 
                              Skin colour: tanned 
                              House; Gryffindor 
                              Year: 5th
                              Plot: Draco and I have been seeing each other  behind our friends back and they find out 
                              Friends: Hermione, Ginny, Harry, Ron
                              Height: 5'4
                              One shot 
                              Who? Draco Malfoy 
                              Time of year: Summer 
Dr_Rose_Banks Dr_Rose_Banks Aug 14, 2016
Name: Rose
                              Hair: Red
                              Eyes: Icy blue
                              House: Gryfindor
                              Year: 5th
                              Siblings: the Weasleys
                              Friends: Harry's crew
                              Height: Shorter than Draco
                              With: Draco
                              Type: Very Smutty (Maybe a little kinky)
                              One-shot please
                              How it happens: They're alone and he kinda just makes it happen.
newtjem newtjem Aug 14, 2016
Hair colour: Platinum
                              Eye colour: blue 
                              Skin colour: peach
                              House: Hufflepuff
                              Year: 5th
                              Plot: Draco Malfoy and I liked each other sine Year 1, and were dating, though most didn't approve it.
                              Friends: Fred George Harry Ron Ginny Hermione
                              Height: 5'7
                              Who?: Draco
                              Time of year: Christmas