Madara's daughter

Madara's daughter

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LuckyGreenTea🍵 By Tiffyisfluffy Updated Jan 07

A girl collapsed in front of a village, the hidden leaf. No one knew where she came from 

Sorry for the crappy description
But if you just click on that read button your never regret it

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I want to say a logic 
                              If she is madara daughter she is old like lord third!!!!!!
KazuMOCHII KazuMOCHII Jul 17, 2017
She should have a crush.... I like this story with a love story
Shyuki-Nyan_Lovix Shyuki-Nyan_Lovix May 06, 2017
Huh. Orochimaru- Aka the reincarnation of You-know-who, aka Voldemort. But kinda nice version???
PrincessHoopla PrincessHoopla Nov 03, 2017
I'm sorry to inform you that you've applied the wrong you're.
RoseYui13 RoseYui13 Oct 22, 2017
His Icha Icha book or batter yet his PORN BOOK🍆🍆🍑🍌