Shadows Amongst The Dusk [Dead Of Summer]

Shadows Amongst The Dusk [Dead Of Summer]

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- • Sky • - By skylah234 Updated Jan 01, 2017

Summertime in the Midwest means another season at summer camp for teens, which usually promises the campers and counselors such experiences as first loves and first kisses. 

This time, though, the anticipated summer of fun becomes a summer of terror set in the late '80s. When a new owner reopens the previously closed Camp Stillwater, its ancient mythologies awaken, and evil pops up at every turn in the seemingly idyllic setting. 

With the evil happenings, the young people at Camp Stillwater can add first kills to their list of firsts for the summer. 

The infamous six had return in hopes of fun and games along with a new girl who has a dark past. Elizabeth Carpenter, niece of the new owner, has a lot stored for her and her best friends that she has flourish to care for and love. Let's just hope that it's not too much that they can't handle.

"Everybody has their secrets. What makes you so different?"

[Based on the Freeform's "Dead of Summer" series]

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hotlineelli hotlineelli Sep 26, 2017
-archicans -archicans Jul 10, 2016
That trailer was amazeballs along with that gif which was so cool!
stark-holland-96 stark-holland-96 Feb 01, 2017
TBH I can't read this story without being pissed at Amy and it's the first chapter
RedSky7855 RedSky7855 Jul 29, 2016
I've never heard of this tv series but it sounds good and the book is amazing!
luna_Whitley_ luna_Whitley_ Jul 20, 2016
That trailer was awesome..  I also like your stories I read The other lewis and loved It I can't wait for the sequel to come out .your such an amazing writer