Fireproof ~Larry Stylinson AU (boyxboy) (Short Fic) COMPLETED

Fireproof ~Larry Stylinson AU (boyxboy) (Short Fic) COMPLETED

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It's a quiet night at the fire station , 1:30 a.m , everyone is asleep after a long day , when there's a sudden call .

"Code White , house is on fire , the whole family is trapped inside ."

Harry , Liam and Oli jump from their seats and grab their black Amber suit , getting in the fire truck and quickly leaving the station with sirens on .


Louis woke up in the middle of the night , he was hot and his room felt hot . He kicked the blanket off , the smell of smoke reaching his nose . He coughed a little and opened his eyes , gasping when he saw his bedroom door on fire .
He tried calling his parents and sisters , but there was no reply .
How was he supposed to escape the house , when his door is on fire , his room is on the second floor , and he has a broken ankle ?

(Firefighter!Harry) (Shy!Louis) (Protective!Harry) (Cute!Louis)

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watertail11 watertail11 May 18, 2017
That's so good of you to stick with your standards. I love your writing so much and I'm ready for fireman Harry and little Louis like five or to me
MaFeLaRe2002 MaFeLaRe2002 Apr 29, 2017
What?! No dirty scenes?! But whats gonna happen if Louis accidentally fell down to the ground?!?! Ok no :v
mgc_LukesKindaHotTho mgc_LukesKindaHotTho Jun 05, 2017
i'm honestly hesitant to read top!harry but i love larry too much to pass up a good fic
astadanti astadanti Dec 26, 2016
It's fine, I'm not comfortable either ( about the things ) 😊
_Buchanan_ _Buchanan_ Jan 29, 2017
Honestly I just came here for fireman harry and cute louis so IM READY
larryflavordsheerios larryflavordsheerios Aug 03, 2016
Not to be a critic or anything, but the codes on your summary and prologue are different.