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Forbidden love (Jimin x Reader)

Forbidden love (Jimin x Reader)

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JRoekie By JRoekie Completed

People always hang out with you just for money. It annoyed you so much that you just started acting like a bitch, but still they would cling around and ask to be your friend. Just for the money. You parents are rich and really wanted you to marry Jungkook, a rich guy out your class. Jungkook's parents and yours were really close and they always talked about the two of you marrying. But you refused many times, Jungkook was just someone who plays around with girls. One day your world changed because of one person. A transfer student Park Jimin. You instantly fell in love and it seemed the feelings were mutual. But things started to get harder when your parents forbid you to hang out with Jimin. Why? Only because he was poor. Will love win in the end?

Cover made by : @GoldenMaknae_21

Jimin be like "Can I share with your book" *scoots over* and Jungkook be like "Bitch, WTF are you doing with my girl" and then Y/N be like "You hoes better shut up"
computervhs computervhs May 04
Okay I'm gonna stop correcting because it's annoying for all parties involved.
If this was a jungkook x reader I would care if he was jealous But this is a Jimin x reader so Keep being jealous Jungkook    I still love you tho but its Jimin turn😍
                              And Jungkook is like, "Hoe wtf you doing?"
Lmao ikr it feels a little unsatisfying reading wrong grammars 😂
Is it a coincidence that Something my Girls Day played... Cause you know it's Jungkook's song(well his favorite girl group song to dance to)