A Year of Happy Endings

A Year of Happy Endings

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Sidney Brooks By SidneyBrooksBooks Updated May 03, 2017

Four unhappy women of different generations bond at a holiday cocktail party and hatch a plan to create a year of happy endings by mimicking their favorite movies.

Georgia Hackett is certain her husband of twenty-eight years is about to ask for a divorce. Why else would she see him strolling into the office of the most vicious divorce lawyers in town? Well, if he's waiting until after the holidays to drop the ax, then she has one month to change his mind.

Ellie Taylor feels like a giant screw-up each and every day, but she always had her two best friends to turn to. Only now, they're Christmas shopping in New York. Without her, leaving her stuck with an endless to-do list and a pushy husband who doesn't understand just how hard her life really is.

It's bad enough for Paige Shamer to be broke, injured, and heartbroken after being dumped at the altar a week ago. But to find out her ex did it on the advice of a life coach? Paige only hopes her famous blogger boss doesn't make her write about it, just like she secretly writes everything else. 

One year ago, Christine Woods made a promise to herself to figure out how to live without her beloved husband, Michael. But fifteen months since his tragic death, she's more confused than ever and turns her back on a handsome contractor who could help her find the answer.

These four women come together and come up with a plan to get exactly what they want:

~Georgia wants answers.
~Ellie wants change.
~Paige wants love.
~Christine wants peace.

Throughout a year full of mishaps and mistakes, they each find their happy ending in unexpected ways, thanks to the life coach who ruined each of their lives to begin with ... and each other.

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chchang888 chchang888 Mar 20, 2017
I was hoping for more! The characters are rich, and I can see the beginnings of an interwoven story between characters. I look forward to reading more as you continue. Very enjoyable! Thank
tamoja tamoja Jul 01, 2016
Love the beginning of this. The women are in such different stages. Except for the party, the wine, and a deep fear of being alone and longing for more. Can't wait to see these paths cross
Naraynaz Naraynaz Aug 29, 2016
I loved the beginning of this, I couldn't sleep until I read it to the last page, you are one great writer!! I love every single word you put down. the way the characters merge and the way the story flows.