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Chiara By Darkcoldheart Updated May 23

If Tsuna was an Arcobaleno and knew Reborn and the others? He had a very important secret in the world of the Mafia, and if they had discovered that secret what will happen to him? How big is this secret for having to hide and escape from them and go to protect a family in which feels a strong bond and a sense of familiarity.

That is an adorable fricking picture. Is it alright if I saved it?
My Spanish teacher was just talking about this kind of thing - where you use << and >> instead of quotations lol I didn't expect to see it in use so quickly
YSKdragon YSKdragon Jul 07
Please replace all of the 'his' and with 'her'. The way you've written it makes nana sound like a man.
Spotspot01 Spotspot01 Jun 12
That is an interesting spinm seeing as how the sky arcabelno(can not spell) curse is to shorten the user life span.
Just a small detail (it could be that I simply missed it) but how did Nana know Tsuna's name before hand. He didn't introduce himself until Natsu returned.
YSKdragon YSKdragon Jul 07
I think you're missing a few quotation marks here. If you aren't, then this whole dialogue just seems a bit.... distant and weird.