A Crush On My Husband

A Crush On My Husband

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Highest Ranking #19 in Romance 

Anastasia Greene, a 18 year old girl marries a guy named Drake Cooper whom she has never even met earlier. Drake and herself agrees to marry each other in respect of their elder's wishes but they aren't really interested in falling in love with each other.
Gradually time makes them realise how they can get along really well .
But all of a sudden their past lives are pulled back. Will it force them to part ways?

#19 in Romance (20-November-2016)
#20 in Romance (15-November-2016)
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#50 in Romance (14-October-2016)

PS: This description might not be catchy enough as what you might have expected. But trust me, you cannot stop reading this book, once you begin.
When I'm done with this book, I shall give a clear and a juicy description for this story!! =D

mtkitkat mtkitkat Nov 11
omg this book has far more better start than any i have read
muteradio muteradio Oct 20
Anastasia Greene?
                              Like, Anastasia Steele from the 50 Shades? :P
Wow what a shitty mom 
                              She doesn't even care about her daughter's feelings
@AngelRN10  I agree, it seems a little too rushed. Maybe slow things down.
StarHowl StarHowl Nov 18
I imagine if that were me. lol I'd be the most annoying person to him so we'd divorce and I could live my life. Right after that granddaddy dies.
AngelRN10 AngelRN10 Aug 06
this was a bit fast forward....good but would've been better if u take it slow.....i mean who get married just the day after setting up a marriage...kind of strange....but well done